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The Museum of Illusions, the world’s fastest growing museum chain, has officially opened its doors at the heart of the emirate’s signature Al Seef by Meraas development near the iconic Dubai Creek.

Boasting the largest collection of optical illusions in the Museum of Illusions’ worldwide portfolio, Museum of Illusions Dubai is a flagship attraction in the heritage and cultural Al Seef development.

“Museum of Illusions Dubai brings together the respective fields of science, mathematics, biology and psychology to create a truly sensory experience that defies logic,” said Dr Mohammed Al Wahaibi, Owner, Museum of Illusions Dubai. “Visitors can learn a lot about vision, perception, the human brain and science through bespoke exhibits that highlight how and why our eyes see things that our brain does not understand.

“Our exhibits are mostly reinvented classical illusions that have been carefully selected to ensure the widest possible appeal to the city’s uniquely cosmopolitan residents and international tourists. In that sense, our exhibits rekindle childhood memories among adults and bestow a sense of wonder in children. The museum is an interactive and visual concept unlike anything else in Dubai that is perfect for all ages to enjoy.”

Counting 80-plus exhibits of all shapes and sizes, Museum of Illusions Dubai has classified its unique visual and sensory experiences into three categories: Master Illusions, Grand Illusions and Optical Illusions.

A key highlight, and one which has captured the imagination of visitors to its existing museums will be the Clone, which allows you to sit at the table beneath a chandelier with five clones of yourself. The Infinity Roomwill have you walking in circles as you try and navigate through infinite corridors around an endless space.

The Dubai venue will also feature TheVortex Tunnel, a rotating cylinder that tricks the brain into thinking the ground under their feet is shifting, as well as the Ames Room, where guests shrink or grow depending on their position in the exhibit. Other exhibits include a collage of indented Albert Einstein heads, called Hollow Faces, that stalks visitors with their strangely moving gazes; the Chair Illusion, whichexplores perception and size using the most common of everyday objects; captivating holograms; and Head on a Platter.

With a dedicated playroom full of didactic games and puzzlesfor younger visitors, Museum of Illusions’ also features a number of full-size illusions in dedicated spaces, including The Infinity Room, TheTilted Room, The Rotated Roomand The Colour Room.

Unlike more ‘classical’ museums, visitors to Museum of Illusions Dubai will be encouraged to interact with the exhibits and take as many photos as they can during their visual, sensual and educational adventure.

In coming weeks, Museum of Illusions Dubai will also house a full-time magician to entertains visitors as they move through the 450 square metre venue. Visitors can also pop into the Museum of Illusions Dubai gift shop and purchase souvenirs such as Dilemma Games, miniature optical illusions, 3D lighting, T-shirts, pencils, notebooks, and educational toys for little ones.

Museum of Illusions Dubai is the ninth permanent branch, with a dozen more openings slated for 2018 alone, including Athens, New York, Toronto and Berlin. The first Museum of Illusions opened in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in 2015.

Museum of Illusions Dubai is open from 10am to 10pm from Sunday to Wednesday, and 10am to 12am (midnight) on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays. Entry prices are AED80 for adults aged 16-years-old and up, and AED60 for children aged 16-years-old and below. Children under the age of five-years-old enter for free. Special family packages are priced at AED225 and include two adult and two child tickets. There is no age limit for entry – Museum of Illusions Dubai is open to all.


Celebrating the legacy of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Art Perspective Exhibition 2018


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To commemorate the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, The St. Regis Dubai, in collaboration with Sulty Events and Entertainment opened an exhibition this week featuring over 15 artists from 8 countriesin the surrounding area of ‘Le Patio”.

Over ten of the artists are from Alfalasi Artz. Emirati Artist, Ahmed Al Falasi is the founder while the art curator is Bhairavi Mistry. Ahmed Alfalasi said, ”We are promoting a number of new artists and in future see alfalasi.artz as an institution for all types of art form. We also see us arranging art events in cafes and fairs in the future.“

Artists Chris Robb represented by Art Couture gallery said, ”My use of colour reflects not only my mood and general demeanor, but my appreciation for the wonderful experiences and life I have in the UAE. Each art piece is hand drawn, and my pigments mostly hand mixed to achieve the depth and vibrancy that is so important to me. My paintings are a celebration and a manifestation of positivity and happiness.”

Mahsa Jasfaazadeh from Mahsa Art Gallery said, “We are delighted to have six of our artists with Persian influence. We hope that the audience at Le Patio find our art inspirational.”

Vanessa de Caires, Owner of Sulty Events and Entertainment Dubai said: “The new exhibition brings together a strong line up of artists for art enthusiasts and the public alike. We are delighted with the range of artists showcasing their work and hope the platform gives them the exposure they deserve.”

The artists featured include Chris Robb, Reem Al Falasi, Shair Aboushi, Dr. Sharmila Tulpule, Ahsan Khan, Swanil Javale, Sonu Sultana, Israa Shajar, Mahsa, Shahd Almutawa, Amr Wadea, Sana Maarrawi, Bushra Malik, Jan D’Sa, Rashm Dayal, Hend Rached Abdulrahman and Mohammad Reza Rafatneshan.

Sulty Events and Entertainment, and Coral Coast PR will be supporting the Event.

Prayer is the ‘The Power’ to feed your soul this Ramadan


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New indie movie by Zenofer Fathima is a timely release that highlights prayer as a mighty spiritual force

Guest Blogger: Natasha Dury

The debut of the independent film ‘The Power’ is especially strong with a timely theme and a compelling ending that is sure to give viewers a spiritually uplifting Ramadan.  Produced and starred in by Zenofer Fathima and directed by Sachin Ramdas, the short film premiered last night at Marriott Hotel in Al Jaddaf, Dubai with Her Highness Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi as guest of honor.

The Power is inspired by a true story and offers a stirring testimony that a strong faith and consistent prayer can indeed bring miracles.  Zenofer plays the lead role opposite Casey Shannon, the double for Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  The female lead, on her way home from work is faced with fearful circumstances when a strange man started watching and following her, delivering the tense, suspense sequences in the film.  The thrilling ending comes with an exceptionally moving, yet motivating message that will lift spirits up this Ramadan and beyond.

“The Power is a concept I derived from my own experience in a very similar situation and how my strong faith yielded miracles to this day.  My personal experience instigated my desire to share my story with everyone. This is a perfect story for this special Holy Month.  Whatever your faith is, prayer plays a crucial part in it so this movie is something everyone can relate to,” Zenofer commented.

The movie was shot in Dubai’s old souks, easily capturing the charm and rich heritage of the Emirate.  More than just film aesthetics, Zenofer however said there is a deeper reason why she chose old Dubai as the setting for the movie.  “Dubai is now acknowledged as one of the hottest movie locations among international filmmakers, and I can honestly say that the city indeed offers a lot to make movies standout.  The choice of Dubai’s old souk district as location is somehow symbolic and adds extra meaning into the film.  The Power takes place in the modern era yet days of old are entrenched in the film, to assert that the message The Power conveys is as true today as it was ancient years ago,” Zenofer explained.

For his part, Casey was grateful for the experience of being a part of an indie movie teeming with a special universal message. “The Power is worth watching especially because it focuses on something that transcends time, gender, ethnicity and religious beliefs,” he said.

The Power is now available for viewing on Zenofer’s official YouTube channel House of Zen.

A truly British experience


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Natasha Dury – Guest Blogger

As a young British teen iblogger in Dubai, I was impressed with the Beautiful Britain Festival in Lulu Barsha that I attended. The ‘Truly British Truly Delicious’ promotion is a groupwide weeklong event dedicated to promoting the impressive range of high-quality food items from Britain. Among the brands are: Biona, Heath & Heather , James White, Kallo, Ambrosia, Of The Earth, Better Than, Bfree, Whole Earth ,Bio Planete, Doves Farm, Biofair, Koko, Marigold, Clarks, Eat Water, Epicure, Freedom, Heavenly, Meridian, Mister Freed, Moma, Mr Organic, Organix, Raw Health, Rowse , Cadburys, Walkers Crisps & Biscuits, Baxters are some of the brands being sold directly from Britain Beautiful Britain Trivia: Did you know:

• LuLu Group was awarded the Queens Award for International Trade 2017

• We sell almost 5,000 products across about 600 brands from UK in the UAE.

• More than 75 container loads of UK products are brought in each month

• 60+ brands from UK are sold in the “Free From” category

Food extravaganza at Lulu Hazana in Sharjah


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V.Muerang – Guest blogger
Last night saw Lulu Hazana regulars taking part in the cooking competition organised by Lulu Hazana for the World Food Expo 2018. The dishes were brought in cooked by customers in five different categories and judges and well known food bloggers from the UAE selected 2 winners per category. It was a fun filled event with some really good and innovative cuisine

Impressed with LuLu Food Expo 2018


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Verna M – Guest Blogger

Lulu Hypermarket is my favourite place to shop and The Food Expo 2018 – Taste the best of the World was an impressive selection of food from the world.

The event is dedicated to promoting the impressive range of high-quality food items from around the world. It also creates an engaging shopping experience for the customers, while continuing to provide shoppers with the most competitive prices in the store and online.

As part of the Food Expo 2018, several food-related competitions including Cookery Contests, Junior Chef Contests, Family Cooking, Salads & Sandwich, Cake Icing, Fruit & Veg Carvings & Potato Peeling, as well as live-cooking demonstrations, are being held in the stores.

During the Food Expo 2018 shoppers can win Gold, Range Rover, FJ cruisers, Quadbikes, Gift Vouchers and more. For our fans on social media, there is a game which can be played by adults and children alike to win prizes.

Below are some impressive information on Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu prepares over 20 different types of world foods from Indian and Chinese to Arabic and Thai and many more countries of the world. They have different types of spices – nearly 40 – from all over the world to complement our in-house produced quality foods

They have over 20 different types of biryanis, they sell over 700,000 Shawarmas’ a year and also 100 types of salads, and over 500,000 kilos of fruits.

The meat is sourced from various countries around the world- Local meat, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia. Most lamb, veal and beef are imported live processed locally in the slaughterhouses certified by the Municipality.

The fresh fish is sourced from various parts of the world- Norway, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE. We import smoked salmon from Norway and the UK.

Lulu imports almost 100 different product ranges from various countries across the world, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Canada France and the Philippine’s to sell in our bakeries in Dubai

They sell many types of health-related ranges such as Organic and Vegan.

They make in house 60 specialty breads, 70 Arabic products and 21 specialist Filipino products.

Bakery Trivia: Did you know Lulu sells…

  • 1 Million+ bread loafs in Dubai alone
  • 500 tons of Arabic sweets
  • 6 Million Croissants
  • over 2 Million Muffins and Croissants

In February 2017 Deloitte in Annual Global Retailers Report has ranked LuLu Group as the top retailer in the Middle East and 27th among the top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world.

Lulu’s organic Food Festival features over 1200 organic products


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Healthy eating is a new thing for me so I went to the Lulu Organic Festival which started on the 7th of March and will end on the 13th of March.

  •  LuLu sells 1,200+ organic products across many categories.
  • These include Imported ranges and Locally procured Fruits and Vegetables from the U.A.E.
  • Please be aware that any promotion prices will revert back to normal but availability and range will be the same.
  • Items on sale include fresh and dry organic food products as well condiments and oils.
  • Items include yoghurts, salmon, rice cakes, honey, sauces, quinoa, rice, pasta coconut oil, tea, vinegar, juices, butter, vegetables, meat, fruits and many more.
  • There is a range of Textiles which are produced using Organic Cotton sourced from India.


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Expanding Horizons Design International to open doors at d3


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Well known for anticipating market shifts and integrating them into highly creative architectural concepts, Design International is set to open the latest addition to its office network at Building 4 of d3 in the presence of dignitaries and the trendy community of the Dubai Design District attending the 2018 edition of the Italian Design Day on 6th March.

Speaking ahead of the office opening, Davide Padoa, said: “We are delighted to open our new office in Dubai. This is testament to our long-standing connection with the region and reflects our admiration for the way the city of Dubai has chosen to embrace the architecture and design industries. We look forward to working in the Dubai Design District with its stimulating vibe that reflects innovation in a space that educates, entertains and supports creativity.”

Design International’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that every design has its own individual story created with the aim to trigger a unique experience for guests in different environments – be it retail, hospitality, commercial, residential or recreational leisure projects.

Recent examples of Design International’s work include Il Centro in Arese, which skilfully integrates the use of interior and external space through its city street concept; and the Lulu Group’s Mall in Silicon Oasis Dubai, which creates a sustainable, dynamic sanctuary where people can meet and share a wealth of different experiences.

Both centres embody the firm’s philosophy of shaping stories to create transformative experiences. Design International is in Office 103A of Building 4, d3.

Experience Masters of Kung Fu with du


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Experience Masters of Kung Fu with du.jpg

du welcomed performers from Dubai Opera’s latest international sell-out show, ‘Shaolin Warriors,’ in-store on Monday.

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) welcomed Kung Fu Masters from the Shaolin Warriors to its Al Salam, Dubai store on Monday 26th February 2018. Shaolin Warriors performed and taught special moves to du customers and employees. du strives to enhance the customer’s experience by bringing shows from around the world to Dubai.

The Shaolin Warriors will make their debut appearance in the GCC at Dubai Opera from 27th February to 3rd March, 2018. Their fully-choreographed performance, which tells the story of a young child’s initiation and journey to become a warrior, will include trained warriors balancing on sharp spears and smashing slabs of marble with their bare hands – it truly has to be seen to be believed.

du has partnered with the Dubai Opera since it originally opened in 2016. The Dubai Opera is a prominent hub for the artistic and cultural legacy of the emirate and aligns with du’s mission to promote engagement in a creative and knowledge-based country as well as to give customers interesting opportunities and experiences.

Emirates NBD unveils painting dedicated to Year of Zayed at new Dubai Design District branch


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Emirates NBD Dubai Design District (d3) branch - 2.jpg

Bank commissions Emirati artist Fatema Al Mazrouie to honour history and culture of UAE and Emirates NBD

In loving memory of the UAE’s founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Emirates NBD today unveiled a commissioned painting by celebrated Emirati artist Fatema Al Mazrouie, at the official launch of its new Dubai Design District (d3) branch.

Ahead of Dubai’s annual art month and in the Year of Zayed, the bank’s specially commissioned painting pays tribute to the rich history and culture of the UAE, and the growth of Emirates NBD, under the leadership and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Zayed. The painting will be on display at Emirates NBD’s newly opened d3 branch, which has been designed in line with the bank’s philosophy of blending high tech with high touch, featuring a self-serve zone with cash machines and tablet stations, digital information walls and a lounge area for customers, in addition to conventional teller and agent services. The new branch is also disability-friendly, empowering people with disabilities (people of determination) to bank with greater ease.

Commenting on the unveiling, H.E. Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Emirates NBD said: “As a bank embedded in the community, Emirates NBD has always been interested in encouraging Emirati talent and creativity. We could think of no better time than the Year of Zayed to commission an art piece that captures the rich history of the bank and its success story, led by our nation’s founding father. His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan remains a source of inspiration and pride for us, and his values and teachings are deeply instilled within our business model. I would like to thank Fatema Al Mazrouie for the beautiful artwork that she has created and welcome our customers and the UAE community to visit the branch and appreciate our tribute.”

Emirates NBD’s d3 branch, the only bank branch in the district, is located in Building 1B of Dubai Design District and will be open for extended hours from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week. The commissioned painting will be on display at a central location in the branch and can be viewed by anyone who visits during working hours.

Talking about the branch concept, Suvo Sarkar, Senior Executive Vice President & Head – Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Emirates NBD added: “The design and functionality of our branch in d3 has been adapted to cater to the people that live and work in the area. Emirates NBD continues to realign its network to keep pace with how cities and communities are evolving as well as in line with the nation’s changing demographics and customer requirements, combining digital innovation and personalised services to provide enhanced experiences for our customers.”