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IKEA Catalogue 2018 - printed in 35  languages (2).jpg

Inspiring and smart solutions featured in the 2018 edition to help customers make room for life in the heart of their home

IKEA, the Swedish home furnishing retailer, has officially launched its highly anticipated 2018 Catalogue, packed with home furnishing products, ideas and offers inspiring people to make room for life at home. IKEA Catalogue, the most widely distributed book in the world and produced in 35 languages, is now available in the UAE.

The contents of the 2018 edition reflect a change in the way people use their living spaces in the wake of urbanisation and new technology. Through its extensive consumer research, IKEA has now identified the living room as the heart of everyday life at home across the world, where it has become a place for connecting with family and friends, celebrating special occasions and a room that is more personalised than ever before.

Vinod Jayan, Regional General Manager – IKEA UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman said, “The world has seen more change in the home in the last twenty years, than it has in the last 200. Urbanisation and technology have reformed our lives and our homes, creating a huge opportunity to redefine the living room. Regardless of people’s living space, 2018 is about enabling you to make more room for the things you love in life and to help you get a few steps closer to your dream home.”

This year the catalogue demonstrates ways to improve life at home at affordable prices, meanwhile helping customers to plan their purchases with a focus on their living space. From stretching a room to be as flexible as possible to creating a living room where kids can be kids, the catalogue is packed with ideas and inspiration to be applied throughout a home.

As the living room has become the heart of the home, IKEA has paid particular attention to the sofa, launching seven more styles or ‘families’ to its existing wide range, designed with the evolution of changing lifestyles in mind. It has also launched six new sofa ‘families’ with a focus on smart storage solutions. The VIMLE family represents clever design in abundance, as sections can be added to it, changing its shape and size, therefore allowing for many different possibilities appealing to a variety of customer needs. There is an abundance of new product arrivals for customers to browse at leisure, complementing some of the core iconic products that remain strong favourites time and again.

Commenting on the catalogue format and customer experience, Vinod Jayan said, “We are always looking for ways to ensure our customer’s experience with us, even before they step through the door, is seamless. We are really excited to share our smart interior design and clever storage through our new improved printed catalogue as well as the app which is intuitive and user-friendly.”

This year the printed edition invites its owner to scribble on the spine, personalising the sentence ‘make room for…’. The app then complements the printed version keeping it fresh all through the year and contains additional video content that brings the pages to life.

True to its ethos, the 2018 edition is also full of features and content that not only provide inspiring design and solutions but also share tips and information on how to live ‘green’ – whether it’s choosing sustainable food to cook at home or buying energy-efficient products. Some of the key products that embody the IKEA ethos include the KUNGSBACKA units, its first kitchen cabinets to be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood, as well as the new ODGER Chair which is made from 70% recycled plastic and 30% renewable wood.

Vinod Jayan concludes, “At IKEA we want to have a positive effect on the planet and people, and are truly passionate about it in everything we do. We hope that through the IKEA 2018 Catalogue we can educate our customers on how to do that easily at home to have a powerful effect.”

Baume & Mercier – A behind-the-scenes look of a Maison in tune with the times


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“Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality”. More than just a motto, this is a philosophy embedded in the DNA of Baume & Mercier since 1830. Profoundly attached to the Swiss Made label, the Maison produces all its watches in the Swiss Jura and adopts a deliberate historical approach – known as “établissage” – that has shaped its success. In contemporary language, this term refers to in-house mastery of the key stages of watch development, assembly, quality control and maintenance, and calls upon the finest watch specialists to produce its components. A pledge of quality, reliability and performance – and all at the fairest price. Close-up and personal with Baume & Mercier.

As one of the oldest Swiss watch Maisons, Baume & Mercier has been shining in the watch industry firmament for almost two centuries. Such longevity commands respect and the inevitable question comes to mind: what is the recipe behind this success? The key ingredient is undoubtedly expertise, continuously distilled with authentic passion. This perpetually enriched heritage features two other essential elements: rigorous discipline and carefully controlled movements. All enhanced with a timeless flavor.

B for Baume

The story begins in the mid-19th century in the Swiss Jura, with the creation of a family firm that developed rapidly. The two siblings Louis-Victor and Joseph-Célestin found themselves at the head of “Baume Frères” and set up a subsidiary company in London, before extending their watchmaking reach to encompass the entire British Empire. Their combined assets – notably commercial flair and rigorous industrial standards – helped spread the brand’s reputation across borders. Known for its classical watches, chronographs and grand complication models, it won a number of international prizes, particularly for the precision of its models. In the early 1920s, William Baume, representing the third generation of the watchmaking dynasty, associated with Paul Mercier in founding “Baume & Mercier” in Geneva, where the brand has its current headquarters. In this temple of luxury watchmaking, the Maison became one of the most active firms in the realm of wristwatches. Expressed through a blend of horological mastery and timeless elegance, the founders’ vision has lived on through a dedication to making high-quality watches incorporating the latest technological advances.

Epitomizing the very best

In almost 200 years, the watchword of the Baumes brothers has been scrupulously upheld and applied. One might almost imagine it echoing through the corridors of the Maison. This imperative demand for quality, matched by the fairest possible cost, is based on an historical artisan-style production method: établissage. The term carries echoes of the past, just as it should do! In the 19th century when the Baume family opened a watch dealership in the Swiss Jura, its watches were assembled from components made by specialized artisans, each dedicated to a specific part of the watch. Based on the établissage mode of operation, the Maison Baume handled the making of the finished product, and its subsequent sale. Much later, at the dawn of the 21st century, Baume & Mercier returned to its roots and set up its Ateliers Horlogers in Les Brenets, a village of its native Jura. Adopting a meticulously careful approach based on manual craftsmanship, the Maison thus revived the “Frères Baume” approach while incorporating all the assets of modern times. The “établissage 2.0” concept at Baume & Mercier – an original artisanal method applied to the modern era – is notably designed by in-house control of each stage involved in creating a watch: design, development, assembly and quality control. It also implies drawing on the know-how of the finest specialists when it comes to component production. The core of this organizational mode consists in scrupulous attention devoted to every detail, along with the patience and dexterity of passionately dedicated watchmakers with a sure, deft touch.

Swiss made, for ever and ever

Ever since its origins, Baume & Mercier has made its watches in Switzerland. In the course of its history, the quality, innovation and precision of its creations have earned it numerous distinctions, of which some have been patented. These stringent standards were rewarded in the 1920s by the “Poinçon de Genève” quality hallmark, the highest certification of watchmaking craftsmanship. The demand for quality, a full-fledged corporate philosophy at Baume & Mercier, has been a constant characteristic right from the beginning. A fervent ambassador of the ‘Swiss made’ label, the Maison designs and develops its movements in its own design studio inside its Geneva headquarters. All of them are subsequently assembled and tested in its Ateliers Horlogers in Les Brenets, in the Swiss Jura. These light-filled, perfectly equipped workshops also handle after-sales service and restoration of vintage models.

A perfectly balanced identity

In the 1960s, Baume & Mercier adopted the Greek letter “Phi” as its visual identity. Now the brand logo, this “golden number” symbolizes finely balanced proportions. It lays the foundations of the archetypal aesthetic – the traditional round watch – as well as the ‘affordable luxury’ status of Baume & Mercier. Through its collections, the Maison offers both classically understated watches as well as chronographs with various useful functions. Women’s models enjoy a special place within this sphere of quality watchmaking at an affordable price. This close attention to their needs and wishes goes back a long way: in 1869, one of the Baume brothers gave his daughter a gold pocket watch; and between 1920 and 1940, the brand offered a number of modern and inventive feminine models, some of which are now legends. Today, two lines are exclusively dedicated to them: Promesse and Linea.

C for classic, and more besides…

Firmly rooted in the Baume & Mercier values, a mixed approach appealing to both men and women also characterizes the brand’s two flagship collections: Classima and Clifton. As its name implies, Classima – inspired by a 1965 ultra-thin automatic watch with a micro-rotor – comprises elegant and classical watches. Its range of sizes, materials, Swiss made mechanical and quartz movements, features a blend of understated elegance and technical refinement. Housing Swiss mechanical movements in both men’s and women’s timepieces, the Clifton range is intended for urbanites with a taste for Fine Watchmaking. Aesthetically speaking, the collection draws inspiration from a 1950s model, the epitome of traditional and artisanal watchmaking according to Baume & Mercier. In 2017, the new Clifton Club range marks a turning point in the history of Baume & Mercier, by reinterpreting the ultimate sports watch – one that accompanies urban, active and elegant men on every occasion.

Offering luxury watches embodying the full spectrum of Swiss expertise and featuring an excellent quality-price ratio: such is the enduring mission of Baume & Mercier, and a promise duly kept.



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Linda Farrow continues to push the boundaries of eyewear and collaborates with N°21 in the creation of a unique line of sunglasses. The timeless yet innovative aesthetic of N°21 blends perfectly with the luxurious craftsmanship of Linda Farrow. Inspired by the volumes and colorways found in the N°21 Spring/Summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection, Linda Farrow has developed a line of three classic feminine shapes revisited in a contemporary way through innovative materials and unexpected details.
“Linda Farrow shares with N°21 an international appeal, product exclusivity and a strong ability to innovate. They work with the most cutting-edge brands and I am honored to be part of their designers’ collaborations.” – Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Creative Director & Founder N°21
The design process with N°21 was a very natural development, focusing on the same core values as our brand: exclusivity and innovation. Their brand offers a refreshing take on the modern classics of women’s fashion, and we are very excited about this debut collaboration” – Simon Jablon, Managing Director Linda Farrow
N°21 by Linda Farrow eyewear collection, is available exclusively at GRAND OPTICS, in the Middle East.

A Melting Pot of Art at The St. Regis Dubai: New art collection to be showcased at Le Patio


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The St. Regis Dubai, in collaboration with Sulty Events and Entertainment will open the third installation of the “Your Perspective: Art Exhibition” featuring numerous artists in the surrounding area of ‘Le Patio’ on the second floor of the hotel from July 12th, 2017 for two months.

The artists featured in the new exhibition include Elisabeth Krogull of Germany, Reta Richards of Canada and six artists from Korea – Nahyun Hwang, Hyojung Kim, Jiyoun Jeon, Eunyoung Heo, Hakman Hwang and Sunhee Kim.

Faiek El Saadani, Hotel Manager, The St. Regis Dubai, said, “Our third art exhibition reflects the diversity of artists we intend to showcase through the year as it adds a touch of International culture and heritage to the area around ‘Le Patio’. We are committed to bringing world art to the city and there is no better venue than Le Patio that combines a Parisian inspired Courtyard with a contemporary international look and feel.”

Vanessa de Caires, Owner of Sulty Events and Entertainment Dubai said, ”After the success and positive response to our last exhibition, we are excited to bring in a multicultural mix of artists set to enthrall art connoisseurs and collectors in the region. We hope the new installation deepens our understanding of the messages behind the new paintings in this collection.”

The art selected in this initiative are ideal as masterpieces in art galleries and private collector’s residences. Diplomats, Art Collectors, regional Business leaders and media will be attending the opening night of the exhibition.

The China International Development and Investment Corporation Limited, Red Orange Events Management, Gallery The Grace Seoul, Art Couture and Coral Coast PR will be supporting the Event.

Walt Disney’s Cars 3


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Cars 3 features Owen Wilson as the voice of the legendary Lightning McQueen, who is blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers including next-gen racer Jackson Storm, voiced by Armie Hammer and is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. 
To get back in the game, he needs the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cristela Alonzo, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Kerry Washington voices statistical analyst Natalie Certain, Nathan Fillion provides the voice of brilliant business car Sterling, Lea DeLaria lends her voice to formidable school bus Miss Fritter, and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton helps bring voice command assistant Hamilton to life. 
Directed by Brian Fee and produced by Kevin Reher, Cars 3 cruised into UAE cinemas on June 15 
NAT STATS – Film Statistics
Introducing NAT STATS, a selection of special statistics from Cars 3 character Natalie Certain. Natalie Certain – a highly respected book-smart statistical analyst who knows her numbers:

1.     Artists designed and built eight race tracks for the film: Los Angeles International Speedway, Copper Canyon Speedway (Arizona), Heartland Motor Speedway (Iowa), Motor Speedway of the South, Thunder Hollow Dirt Track, Thomasville Speedway, Georgia Super Speedway, Florida International Super Speedway.

2.     Lightning McQueen made his rookie debut in “Cars” in 2006; more than a decade has passed since he was a young superstar.

3.     Artists, designers and technicians at Pixar Animation Studios were able to install 30,000 lights at the Florida Speedway for the final race of the film. They all work.

4.     Artists created more than 80,000 storyboards during the production of the movie. Just 10,102 made it into the final sequences.

5.     Junior Johnson, NASCAR driver from the 1950s-60s who inspired “Cars 3” character Junior “Midnight” Moon, won 50 NASCAR races before retiring in 1966.


McQueen travels across the UAE
Hotshot race car Lightning McQueen is embarking on a tour of the UAE in celebration of the release of Cars 3. Shoppers across the UAE can meet Lightning McQueen, when a model of the race car – created by Simba, the Middle East’s biggest toy distributor – makes a pit stop at Oasis Mall from 16th-21st June before he then races to Toy Store and Hamleys at Dubai Mall until the end of the month, followed by Lulu hypermarket in both Dubai and Al Khalidya Mall in Abu Dhabi, and Toy Store in both Yas Mall and Dalma Mall in July.
Cars film history notes
  • Cars” (2006) and “Cars 2” (2011) took in more than $1 billion in combined worldwide box office.
  • Cars” won a Golden Globe® for best animated feature film and two Annie Awards for best animated feature and best music in an animated feature production. Composer Randy Newman won a Grammy® for best song written for motion picture, television or other visual media (“Our Town”). The film was nominated for an Oscar® for best animated feature film, as well as best achievement in music written for motion pictures, original song (“Our Town”).
  • Cars 2” was nominated for a Golden Globe® for best animated feature film, in addition to a host of other industry nominations.
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Up, Close and personal with Sara Al Sayegh Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI)


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Sara Al Sayegh 1 -  Director of    Marketing & Corporate Communications) at DMI.jpg

Women in media and creative industries are excelling in their industries and at the helm of the industry in Dubai is the Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Dubai Media Incorporated.

Sara Al Sayegh is a young and dynamic professional who is a role model to young women interested to have a career in communications and media. Below are some insights from Sara on what makes her successful in her field and what her job entails.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Media & Marketing and your present role at DMI?

I have long had a passion for media and marketing, which started whilst studying Marketing and Communication at the American University of Sharjah. My Father is a very established and respected financial advisor and banker who wanted me to pursue a career in the financial sector. However I found myself drawn to the media world, due to a fascination and interest in the sector. This great love for the industry led me to start my career at the Marketing Department at Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) in 2004, only a few months after its official inception.

I now have 16 years of combined academic and enriching practical experience across the media field. I feel very blessed to have fulfilled my passion through the launch of some of the greatest and most exciting media brands and channels in the Middle East.

All of this has brought me to today’s point, as Director of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI). This role affords me the opportunity to enjoy working on a series of strategic and operational aspects, which relate to growing and developing the range of brands and channels that was launched over a decade ago. I am now leading all of these aspects of the organisation through a whole new phase of media evolution, the digital era.

What inspires you most and what keeps you inspired?

On a personal and professional level I aspire to be an active part of the ongoing evolution of Dubai, both the city and the brand. This is an exciting time for both of these elements, with the Emirate soon to welcome the world to Expo 2020 Dubai.

Expo 2020 Dubai is just one example of a bigger than life idea and it is these kind of grand ideas and concepts that truly inspire me. We are fortunate in Dubai to be part of one of the largest and most momentous city projects in the world, and I am thankful to have been provided with the opportunity to be involved in some of the exciting plans and projects such as those I have worked on with DMI. The team I work with to deliver these projects keeps me inspired through their strength, creativity and dedication, and our collective efforts are the key driver behind the success of the organisation’s brand. The projects we work on together are what get me out of bed in the morning, and planning, managing and executing a good campaign provides me with a great deal of satisfaction and keeps me going.

Is there a specific area that you focus on at DMI?

My role at DMI comprises of a broad range of activities, and on a day-to-day basis I formulate and execute the research, marketing and commercial strategies of the network. The research component is fundamental to our business, as what we find in each research project provides us with the information we need to create carefully targeted campaigns, which is crucial to distinguish us within an increasingly crowded media and broadcasting landscape.

I’m a big believer of the power of tailor-made research as it helps in setting a solid fact-based foundation for our business, marketing and commercial initiatives. This component of DMI’s work is front and central to the organisation’s overarching strategy, and it affords me the opportunity to work in partnership with a number of different departments all across the network. All of these different aspects make my work extremely challenging and fascinating. I have a great deal of passion for what I do.

Which is your favourite piece of content/work (both within DMI and outside), something that you take great pride in, and why?

It is actually impossible to choose a favourite, as each launch and event has its own story and distinct personality. We take great pride and joy in every project we do and treat each piece of work as if it is our one and only, giving it all the love and attention it needs. This dedicated, tailored approach is what makes each of our projects a stand out success. Our team’s hard work has paid off significantly and I am proud of the contribution it has made to where we are today, with exciting projects ahead of us and a string of memorable success stories behind us.

Externally I would choose the successful global Expo 2020 Dubai bid. Even to be involved with the bid was an honour and a positive and challenging process, however winning the bid was a whole other level. Not least because of the considerable positive effects this significant event will produce for our country.

What do you see are the biggest challenges that traditional broadcasters per se face given the current context of content generation and new media invasion?

The technological revolution which has swept the globe has had a hugely significant impact primarily on how people engage with media – you can see from your own usage how this has become a lot more active rather than passive following consumer empowerment. Modern technology has provided consumers with advanced and easy to operate tools including state-of-the-art media software and applications, which have had the effect of altering media habits.

In turn, at DMI we dedicate a lot of resources towards conducting research into how customers use digital platforms and research in general; media organisations such as ours require reliable information on how these platforms are used. Although such materials are widely available, the tracking data in this respect tends to be unregulated and has a questionable level of credibility.

I believe that the good news is that an overly saturated media market provides an opportunity for experienced broadcasters, who have the tools and the know-how to provide their viewers with what they want, considering the unique and diverse mix of cultures in Dubai.

As a broadcaster in an extremely segmented market like the UAE, what do reckon are your biggest marketing, branding & content related challenges and how are you going about addressing them?

The modern media landscape is constantly evolving and changing, with new technologies coming in leaps and bounds. DMI works in tandem with these technologies, employing digital, social media and advanced interactive platforms to reach its audience where they consume media.

This new media utilises segmented and on-demand content, personalised to what the viewer wants and prefers to watch. Customers’ smart devices are having an increasingly significant impact on the viewer experience and are creating what we are now calling ‘smart viewing’, where users can watch at their leisure and their convenience, even extending to advanced media such as virtual reality. Furthermore, ‘Geomapping’ technologies undertake careful study of viewer information, to learn about target audiences with a view to creating content that is tailored to their preferences.

Do you see Dubai/UAE becoming a hub for Television content conceptualisation and production?

From what I can see this is already happening – Dubai has long been an innovative media centre and has created whole zones which are dedicated to different media. These include hubs scattered across the city such as Dubai Media City, Studio City and International Media Production Zone.

Through the combined efforts of all of these different zones, Dubai is positioning itself as the new capital of media production in the MENA region. The UAE has for many years been a regional and global media innovator and our organisation has been a fundamental part of this. Much of our work is based out of the Emirate’s specialist media zones, along with many of our partners. From a personal perspective I am proud to be a part of this wave, and I believe that much of the groundwork that has already been laid in the Emirate’s media development will soon bear fruit with output of increased regional and global significance.


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LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W and Smart InstaView Refrigerator


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Red Dot _Best of the Best with LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W+INSTAVIEW  REF.jpg

LG Electronics (LG) was a big winner at this year’s Red Dot Design Awards, earning an impressive 20 total Red Dot Awards for excellence in design, including two Best of the Best awards. The top Best of the Best awards were given to LG’s SIGNATURE OLED TV W and Smart InstaView refrigerator for their innovation and contribution to the design community.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W features an awe-inspiring Picture-on-Wall design that takes the TV concept and turns it into a piece of art. Red Dot recognized LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door™ refrigerator for successfully combining a beautiful appliance with interactive technology.


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Epson: Projectors for smart presentations


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Epson announces new business projectors to offer impactful presentations around the office and on the move. Designed for SMEs and corporates, the EB-1795F and EB-2265U deliver effective, high-quality Full HD presentations with large display sizes. They also take advantage of interactive and smart presenting features, such as gesture control and screen mirroring. Set-up is hassle free thanks to focus help, Auto Power On, copy OSD settings, auto keystone correction and screen fit, as well as a variety of connectivity options such as HDBaseT and Wireless LAN, dual HDMI and screen mirroring. An increased lamp life of up to 10,000 hours in eco mode reduces maintenance times and servicing.

Montblanc:Augmented Paper Writing


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Unicef_Augmented Paper.jpg

The Montblanc Augmented Paper Writing is a Gift Edition consists of an elegant leather envelope organizer in indigo blue, and contains a notebook and a StarWalker writing instrument featuring custom-made technology to be exclusively used for this new product. Made of elegant Italian leather with a soft tactile feel and a sophisticated matt effect, the Augmented paper organizer is a sleek and stylish object thanks to the highest level of craftsmanship nurtured at the Montblanc Pelletteria in Florence, where century-old traditions and skills bring the spirit of innovation to life. The innovative technology of Augmented Paper offers best-in-class handwriting recognition in 12 languages so that notes written by hand can be seamlessly transferred to a mobile device and translated into digital text for searching, editing and sharing.


Montblanc Meisterstück Selection UNICEF


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New fine leather collection inspired by the preciousness of the written word raises funds for UNICEF education programmes

MST Selection Unicef_Family.jpg

Bound by the common belief that education is a force for good that can end generational cycles of poverty, Montblanc is renewing its long-time partnership with UNICEF by introducing a new limited edition collection of leather goods that celebrates the importance of the written word in the development of every child.


Complementing the Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift Collection of Writing Instruments, each piece purchased from the collection raises the amount that will be donated towards providing more children access to primary education of a better quality. Montblanc, through its partnership with UNICEF, aims to help improve learning for over 5 million children by supporting national education quality standards.



The pieces range from large leather bags to small leather wallets, Document Cases, Backpacks, Messenger bags, credit card holders, key fobs, passport holders ands belts finished with the Montblanc emblem, seal of the finest craftsmanship.