Natasha Dury (Teen Guest Blogger)

Last weekend we headed out to the Barsha Branch of Doner Deli and ate heartily what every teenager craves at each meal. The good stuff, in the form of burgers, fries and brownies of course.

I tried the authentic Doner kebab made with fresh and natural ingredients but the sauce was what made it super delicious. The kebabs came in pita type bread but loaded with both meat and vegetables.

Being a teen I love my French fries so I ordered a side meal, which came with a big portion of doner meat slices. We also ordered doner sliders which came in threes (chicken, meat and falafel). I took the chicken one and it was delish.

The drinks were healthy yet delicious. I tried 3 different types from my meal companions but indulged in the Oreo Shake, which is of course the teen thing to do.

The place was not crowded so easy to get seats and get served quick. What I loved bout the venue is that it is just next door to Seven Eleven where I go often for my slushy drinks. A visit to Doner Deli before my frozen indulgence makes the whole going out experience fun and rewarding.

There are 4 branches of Doner Deli in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi.