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Verna M – Guest Blogger

Lulu Hypermarket is my favourite place to shop and The Food Expo 2018 – Taste the best of the World was an impressive selection of food from the world.

The event is dedicated to promoting the impressive range of high-quality food items from around the world. It also creates an engaging shopping experience for the customers, while continuing to provide shoppers with the most competitive prices in the store and online.

As part of the Food Expo 2018, several food-related competitions including Cookery Contests, Junior Chef Contests, Family Cooking, Salads & Sandwich, Cake Icing, Fruit & Veg Carvings & Potato Peeling, as well as live-cooking demonstrations, are being held in the stores.

During the Food Expo 2018 shoppers can win Gold, Range Rover, FJ cruisers, Quadbikes, Gift Vouchers and more. For our fans on social media, there is a game which can be played by adults and children alike to win prizes.

Below are some impressive information on Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu prepares over 20 different types of world foods from Indian and Chinese to Arabic and Thai and many more countries of the world. They have different types of spices – nearly 40 – from all over the world to complement our in-house produced quality foods

They have over 20 different types of biryanis, they sell over 700,000 Shawarmas’ a year and also 100 types of salads, and over 500,000 kilos of fruits.

The meat is sourced from various countries around the world- Local meat, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia. Most lamb, veal and beef are imported live processed locally in the slaughterhouses certified by the Municipality.

The fresh fish is sourced from various parts of the world- Norway, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, Kuwait and the UAE. We import smoked salmon from Norway and the UK.

Lulu imports almost 100 different product ranges from various countries across the world, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, India, Canada France and the Philippine’s to sell in our bakeries in Dubai

They sell many types of health-related ranges such as Organic and Vegan.

They make in house 60 specialty breads, 70 Arabic products and 21 specialist Filipino products.

Bakery Trivia: Did you know Lulu sells…

  • 1 Million+ bread loafs in Dubai alone
  • 500 tons of Arabic sweets
  • 6 Million Croissants
  • over 2 Million Muffins and Croissants

In February 2017 Deloitte in Annual Global Retailers Report has ranked LuLu Group as the top retailer in the Middle East and 27th among the top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world.